Guess who is in our team?!

Feb 15, 2023Event update

Guess who is in our team?!

Uh-oh! What’s this? A bunch of black silhouettes? Do these team members have stage fright?!

ISC23NL Mystery Team

No, don’t be silly! We like to play games with you, so you are invited to guess the team members of the ISC23NL core team.

Play along on Instagram (February 16 till 23)!

Who is in the ISC23NL core team? Every day we will give you some hints about one of our secret team members on our Insta-account (@isc23nl). If you think you know who that person is or just want to do some wild guess, write that name in the comments.

Each day we will reveal the name of our mystery team member. This will continue for 7 days till you know who’s in the ISC23NL-team!

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International Sketchnote Camp 2023 (ISC23NL) is happening in Leiden | The Netherlands in the weekend of September 1-3, 2023.

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