FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the event?

International Sketchnote Camp is a gathering of sketchnoters, no matter what job you have or how many years of practice you have. We will share, learn en connect with each other. It’s a gathering of like minded people, who would like to celebrate their passion about sketchnoting. More information about the event on this page.

Is the event also online?

No. ISC23NL will be a face to face event only. It will be a “live” experience, there will be no recordings of the sessions. 

I hear someting about a Slack-channel?

That’s correct! We would like to connect with you even before the start of the event!

Mike Rohde has allowed us to use the Sketchnote Army Slack group for this. If you’re not in this Slack group already, here’s some (visual) guidance how you can join!

What language will be spoken?

Before, during and after the event we will be speeking English. And we ask all the participants to speak English during the event. This way, everyone can join conversations and understand what’s been said.

Is there a specific hotel where participants go to?

We don’t know. But this is a perfect example of a question you can ask to the participants in our online Sketchnote Base Camp! More information about that you’ll find on this webpage.

How can I buy tickets?

For ticket sales, we use Eventbrite. All international payment methods are available on Eventbrite.

The ticket price is 300 euro for the event and 12,99 – 15,72 euro service fee (depends on your region) for Eventbrite. So a total amount of 312,99 – 315,72 euro.

Ticket sales will start in 2 waves:

  • In wave 1 everyone who was on the mailinglist of the previous camp (Poland) is given the opportunity to buy tickets. We’ve decided to give them this pre-sale opportunity because we would like the ISC23NL really to be an International event. From previous camps we know that there are a lot of participants from the organizing country and we expect that a lot of Dutch participants want to come. So without this pre-sale, we expect that there is a good chance that the tickets will be sold out quickly!
  • After 1 week, everyone else will be able to buy the remaining tickets (wave 2).

Ticket sales for everyone is launched on April 8, buy your ticket here! We only have 120 tickets to sell!

UPDATE: Unfortunately all tickets are SOLD OUT since April 18.

Do you have a waiting list?

No, we do not. But if someone with a ticket decides that she or he cannot come to ISC23NL after all, that person is alowed to sell the ticket to someone else. But we need to be informed by the original buyer that the ticket is sold to someone else.

If you want other people to know that you’re interested in a “ticket swap”, we advise you to come to our online “Sketchnote Base Camp”. Registration is free!

Where is my invoice?

We have received several emails / questions from attendees that bought a ticket, but couldn’t find the invoice.

Below is our answer to this question:

“If you have ordered a ticket through Eventbrite, you will receive a confirmation email containing your ticket along with an order summary. The order summary serves as an invoice for your purchase. Since your event is organized by an NGO, it is exempt from taxes, and thus the invoice will show 0% tax.

It is important to keep this invoice as a record of your purchase, as it may be necessary for reimbursement or tax purposes. If you have any further questions regarding your Eventbrite order or the invoice, you can contact their customer support for assistance.”

Are all meals included?

No. During Camp-hours drinks, snacks and a lunch (Saturday and Sunday) are included. On Friday we have a simple meal included. 

But breakfast and dinner on Satuday and Sunday are not included. We plan to organize an activity on Saturday (with dinner) for which you can subscribe & pay for later. This is of course not mandatory.

What additional costs should I take into account?

To give you an impression:

  • Travel costs from your home to Leiden, The Netherlands (plane, train, bus, car) (train ticket from Schiphol Airport to Leiden Central Station is around € 7)
  • Hotel costs, for your stay during the event (including breakfast?) (range € 100 – € 150 for one night)
  • Dinner costs (on Saturday and Sunday) (range of € 20 – € 50 for a dinner in a restaurant, we will give you suggestions)
  • Costs for extra activity on Saturday (including dinner) (we will come back to you with an offer for this).
I have special needs, can you accommodate me?

If you have special accessibility needs or dietary requirements, please make sure that you email us on contact@sketchnotecamp2023.nl.

We will do our best to answer your needs / questions.