Oh dear, what if I can’t come?

Aug 11, 2023Event update

Oh dear, what if I can’t come?

ISC23NL will start really soon! The event is completely sold out and we think we have put together a great program for all 120 participants.

But, what if you find out that you do have a ticket, but unfortunately can’t come?

We don’t give refunds, you CAN sell your ticket to someone else…

As indicated when buying the ticket: we have no option to request a refund.

But what you can do is the following:

– Sell your ticket to another sketchnoter! We know that many people are interested in a ticket.

– If you can’t find a replacement yourself, our advice is to come to our ‘online Basecamp’ in Slack. More information on how to get there can be found here.

– Post a new message in the #ISC23NL channel that you have a ticket to sell.

– Arrange the payment with your buyer.

…but PLEASE INFORM US after you sold the ticket!

– After the transaction is completed, do the following:

  • send an email to contact@sketchnotecamp2023.nl from the email address you originally used to purchase your ticket.
  • Mention in it that you have sold your ticket and add the first and last name of the new participant, as well as the email address of the new participant.

– Only after this email has been sent we will change it in our administration so the new participant can gain access to the event on Friday with her/his own name!

Thanks for your cooperation!