We ROCKED the ISC23NL: Thank you all!

Sep 15, 2023Event update


WOW! It’s been 14 days since we kick-off International Sketchnote Camp 2023 in Leiden.

Two weeks ago at this time (we are writing this blog at 9:15 am), we were very busy climbing stairs and making sure that all rooms at PLNT were properly prepared for the event.

A couple of hours later you all came to Camp and did a visual check-in. Look how amazing the end result turned out… ⬇

ISC23NL Visual Check-In
ISC23NL Visual Check-In

After the event we’ve seen so many stories, sketchnotes, photos and videos on the socials of the event. Thanks so much for sharing those! As organizers we don’t participate in the event the same way as you as participants, rockstars and sponsors do (and we missed a lot of the wonderful things that were shared and done by all of you), but thanks to all of you we were able to enjoy it very much afterwards ?

We would like to thank you ALL again for being with us, for making memories at ISC in Leiden together. For bringing your energy, inspiration, experiences, visual power, kindness and YOURSELF to the event. ISC23NL was a great success because of YOU!

…and here’s a visual souvenir of the event!

On Saturday, Teun de Leede – a local young talented photographer from Leiden – created a visual souvenir for us: a group picture with the entire ‘ISC23NL Family’ on it ⬇

Group Photo ISC23NL Leiden 2023
Group Photo ISC23NL Leiden 2023

A high resolution version of the picture above has been sent to all of you as an attachment in our (last) email of September 15!

We pass the ISC-torch…

As announced in the ‘opening keynote’ by Mike Rohde, a group of American sketchnoters are taking up the challenge of hosting ISC in August next year in San Antonio, Texas. We already saw the first posts of Mike Rohde with hashtag #ISC24TX and the mention of Michael Clayton. So if you want to keep informed already, make sure to follow them (if you’re not already doing so ?)…

…and YOUR OPINION about ISC to the next team!

As organizing team of ISC23NL, we will pass on our experience, knowledge and useful tools/formats to the new team of organizers. An online meeting will be scheduled in November 2023. But we think it would be nice to also pass on YOUR feedback and ideas. That’s why we’ve made this short Google questionnaire for you. It contains 2 questions:

  1. What did you LIKE about this years’ ISC that you would like to SEE BACK at future editions of International Sketchnote Camp?
  2. What did you MISS or what would make ISC even BETTER?

If you want to give your opinion, and by doing this, have an influence on future editions of ISC, this is your chance! Don’t hestitate, fill in immediately! Here’s the link: https://forms.gle/1XrypD9hL4KDpwYP9.

And for the procrastinators among us: after November 1 we will share the input with the next team, so that’s your FINAL DEADLINE.

Tot ziens!

That’s it! Our job is done. We say goodbye & “tot ziens” (in Dutch).

Kind regards, the ISC23NL-team