Food-Scoot: Social Activity on Saturday-evening!

Jul 8, 2023Event update

Food-Scoot: Social Activity on Saturday-evening!

Dear sketchnoters,

Just 8 weeks to go to our fantastic event: International Sketchnote Camp 2023 in Leiden!

Since our “festival” is all about connecting and creating memories together we hereby want to inform you that the Social Event on Saturday September 2, is free accessible for all participants (including Rockstars, volunteers and representatives of Sponsors)!

Thanks to nice offering of the involved party and our sponsors we can include it in the ticket fee. 

The social event is scheduled on Saturday right after the wrap up of day 2 of ISC23NL from 18:15 – 21:30/22.00.

What are we going to do?

Together we will emerge in a “Food-Scoot”. Everyone will get it’s own scooter (not motorized, in Dutch we call them ‘step’); to go on a sightseeing adventure in the beautiful city of Leiden. During this tour we will visit different restaurants, where we will have a light course. The tour ends together with an ice ‘foodtruck’. As our event is festival vibe, it will not be haute cuisine. What we do hope it will be is a beautiful activity, full of laughter, inspiration, sharing food and stories.

One thing we cannot predict is the weather, so please pack a poncho just in case! 


We assume that everyone wants to participate in this unique social activity. If you can not join, please let us know in a reply to the email everyone has received today (July 8) that you don’t participate. (Please let us know before July 25). 

So just to stress, you only have to reply if you cannot join the social event

This way we can let the lessor of the scooters know in time how many scooters we want to rent and we also prevent food waste at the restaurants!

Thanks in advance!

One last reminder for the Sketchnote Selfies: deadline is TODAY!

Oh and just a little reminder for the 29 participants who haven’t submitted their Sketchnote Selfie yet: tonight, 23:59 is the final deadline for sending it to us! So make sure you’re included in the printed Sketchnote Selfie Book!

Kind regards and have a nice weekend,

The ISC23NL-team!