Participants: your contribution is needed before July 1st!

Jun 16, 2023Event update

Participants: your contribution is needed before July 1st!

As we gear up for the event, we would like to remind you that we need your contribution to make this years’ event even more memorable:

  • we ask ALL ATTENDEES OF ISC23NL in Leiden (participants who bought a ticket, our Rockstars, our volunteers and the representatives of our sponsors) to create a Sketchnote Selfie;
  • we invite you to step forward if you want to organize a ‘jamsession’ (barcamp session) during the event.

In our email of June 1st, we’ve included the deadline for both subjects: it’s July 1st! That means there are two more weeks to go!!

Below we’ve attached the instructions for both subjects again. We are looking forward to see your contributions and submissions! Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards and greetings from sunny Netherlands,

The ISC23NL-team.

The ISC23NL Sketchnote Selfie Book!

ISC23NL Selfie Book

As part of our efforts to foster connections and celebrate our diverse community, we are pleased to announce that we will continue the initiative of creating a Sketchnote Selfie Book for this year’s ISC!

The Sketchnote Selfie Book is a bound collection of sketchnote selfies created by all the guests attending the camp. It provides a keepsake and reminder of the Sketchnote Camp experience to cherish for years to come. Our goal is to have you all included in this year’s Selfie Book! Here’s how you can take part in this collaborative project:

— !! The deadline for submitting your sketchnote selfie is July 1st !! — 

You have two more weeks to let your imagination run wild and create an exceptional sketchnote selfie to be included in the book.

Host your own “Jamsession”

Organize a jamsession

A very popular activity during ISC is the Barcamp Sessions. 

As a participant, do you have some nice knowledge, skills or experiences that you wish to share? This is your chance to do so! We invite you as an ISC23NL-participant to host a “(visual) jamsession” (barcamp style) for (a small group of) fellow participants. It can be anything, for example:

  • Handlettering workshop
  • Drawing cartoons
  • Storyboarding
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Vision boarding
  • Lernos circle
  • Lay-outs
  • Working with a (digital) (drawing) tool

We do have some guidelines for the jamsessions:

  • If you want to organize a jamsession, keep in mind that it can take 45 minutes max
  • You can facilitate it yourself, or find another participant to work together!
  • You have to take care of the necessary material or tools yourself
  • You have to submit for a jamsession before July 1st

We are looking forward to your great ideas for jamsessions!

Good to know perhaps: in our draft Program, the “jamsessions” are planned on Saturday (in the morning part, until lunchtime, we have planned for 2 rounds).

A last remark (for now): 

There will be limited space for jamsessions. So if a lot of you want to organize a jamsession, we will have to make a selection before the event takes place. To submit, we have prepared a Form to be filled in:

— !! The deadline for submitting your jamsession is July 1st as well !! — 

We are looking forward to your contributions!!

Best regards,