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Jun 1, 2023Event update

Today, June 1st, it is only 92 days before ISC23NL will start. But we don’t want to wait until then to get to know each other! That’s why we’ve launched our online Sketchnote Base Camp! It’s free and it is open for EVERYONE who wants to join…

The power of collective growth – Discover our online Sketchnote Base Camp

Mike Rohde, also one of the performing “Rockstars” during ISC23NL, has been very kind to allow us to use the Sketchnote Army Slack Group for this purpose. We’ve decided that this Sketchnote Base Camp is open for everyone who wants to join, even if you didn’t manage to buy a ticket for ISC23NL.

Online Campfire
Online Campfire: will you also help to keep the flame burning?

Why should you join our Sketchnote Base Camp?

The are several reasons to participate. To list a few:

  • Get to know other participants of ISC23NL up front. Share with each other how you travel to Leiden or where you are going to stay! Maybe even find a roommate? Or ask who else is coming ‘alone’ and make new sketchnote-friends already!
  • Ask all the questions you might have about ISC23NL. As ISC23NL-team, we will try to be online as much as possible in this #isc23nl channel. Slack facilitates this very well through threated conversation and organized discussions.
  • Join some nice drawing challenges we organize before the event! It’s the perfect way to share the fun, practice your sketchnoting skills and experience the power of joining forces with likeminded people!
  • And also: in the unlikely event that you cannot come to the event, this is the place where you can offer your ticket* to interested members of the sketchnoting community who missed out on ticket sales. A few messages have already been posted from interested people of the sketchnoting community who want to take over tickets.

*Please note that a ticket can only be sold to another person, if the original buyer informs us about reselling the ticket. The original buyer is required to sent us an email with the first and last name of the ‘new attendee’ and also the email address of the ‘new attendee’.

How to join?

If you want to join, you can find information about how to join on our website.

We hope to see you there!

Best regards,