Live on stage during ISC23NL: Rockstar Mike Rohde!

Jun 26, 2023Event update

Live on stage during ISC23NL: Rockstar Mike Rohde!

FINALLY 🙂 it is time to reveal our line-up for ISC23NL. We have 6 individual Rockstars and 1 fantastic duo! Let’s start with the one and only..


Mike Rohde - ISC23NL Rockstar
Mike Rohde – ISC23NL Rockstar

We are thrilled that Mike Rohde, widely recognized as the father of sketchnoting, enthusiastically accepted our invitation to be our first Rockstar. We are excited to welcome him all the way from Milwaukee, USA.

With a simple Google search, you can find his impressive background as a designer, author, teacher, illustrator, founder of the Sketchnote Army, and dedicated family man.

During this year’s International Sketchnote Camp, we aim to shift the spotlight to the person behind the name. Our goal is to uncover his unique stories, valuable experiences, and diverse interests that shape the remarkable individual that Mike Rohde is.

Your version of Mike’s book signed by Mr. Rohde himself?

For the ISC23NL participants – we encourage you to bring your book with you and let it signed by Mr. Rohde himself 🙂

If you don’t have one of his books yet? To kick off this exciting news, he has kindly given us a discount code for 40% off on physical and e-books for ANY member of the ‘Sketchnote Army’ community.

More information about how to join the Sketchnote Army community, see this page on our website.

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