Live on stage during ISC23NL: Rockstar Aurélie Moser

Jun 30, 2023Event update

Live on stage during ISC23NL: Rockstar Aurélie Moser!

In our diverse lineup of Rockstars, we have a special guest who is a strong supporter of Visual Thinking and harnesses its power to captivate audiences in the healthcare industry. Get ready to be inspired by her unique approach as she combines visuals and innovation to create meaningful connections and engage her listeners:


ISC23NL Rockstar Aurelie Moser
ISC23NL Rockstar Aurélie Moser

Aurélie Moser is a problem solver and catalyst for change in healthcare. She helps healthcare leaders reduce the time between discovering technology and getting paying customers. With her creativity, expertise in commercial strategy, and coaching approach, Aurélie brings contagious energy and a smile to teams.

She founded Bambooster in 2018 after working in corporate roles for 15 years. Bambooster designs and develops solutions quickly and innovatively, serving corporate clients like Roche, Pfizer, MSD, Idorsia, Biogen, as well as Accelerators and startups in life science. Aurélie practices Design Thinking, Business model innovation, and Lean Startup. She is also a Scrum Master and system coach. Aurélie believes visual thinking is crucial in navigating the complexity of healthcare.

Besides her work, Aurélie is a mother of three boys and seeks to optimize her energy and time. She shares her entrepreneurial experience and healthcare innovation inspiration through her newsletter, Spark to Hack.

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