Deadline Sketchnote Selfie postponed once to July 8!

Jul 1, 2023Event update

Deadline Sketchnote Selfie postponed once to July 8!

63% Of all attendees has submitted their Sketchnote Selfie already!

Congratulations to all of you! You will be definitely included in the Exclusive edition of this year’s printed Sketchnote Selfie Book (#ISC23NL)! And just to clarify: we don’t reply to all of your emails! We will only respond to your email if we think the quality of your selfie (file) needs to be improved to be properly included in the book.

We aim for 100% Selfies!

63% Is nice, but it’s not good enough. We aim for a 100% score! But that’s not up to us, it’s up to YOU.

The only thing WE can do about it, is that we – ONCE!!! – postpone the deadline with ONE WEEK:

You have until the end of next Saturday (July 8) to submit your selfie!

Instructions can be found here!

If you send it to us after that, it is likely that you will not be included in the Sketchnote Selfie Book, because of the deadlines WE have with the printer.

Deadline postponed ONCE to July 8...
Deadline postponed ONCE to July 8…

Not everyone receives our emails (properly)

Unfortunately, we’ve found out that not everyone is receiving our emails with important information for all attendees. We send them out via MailChimp. And although Mailchimp states that all emails were delivered (100%), we know in fact that some of you don’t see them in their Inboxes OR in their Spam-folders.

We will send out a ‘regular’ email today about this. Hopefully this email will find it’s way into your Inboxes! Just to make sure everyone is able to see the content of this email, we’ve also included it below:

Dear sketchnoters,

We hope this email finds you well. For some of you, this email is one of many in the last couple of weeks. In that case: sorry for ‘spamming’ you.

The reason we send you this email, is that we have recently heard that not everyone receives our emails. We use Mailchimp for that. And while Mailchimp says that all emails are 100% delivered to your mailboxes, we found out that some of you don’t see them in the Inboxes or Spam-folders. Perhaps your provider is blocking it even before it can land in your spam folder, we don’t know.

But what we DO know is that there is a risk that you, as a attendee of ISC23NL, are missing out on important information! Therefore, we try to see if this ‘regular email’ is reaching all of you. And we try to attach no URL’s in it, so hopefully this message comes directly into your Inbox.

What is important to know:

  1. We’ve been sending out emails to you (as attendees of the event in Leiden) from June 1. And since then, we have sent 3 reminders.
  2. We have asked for a Sketchnote Selfie (deadline for submitting was today, July 1st).
  3. We have also asked to let us know if you want to host a Jamsession (Barcamp session) during ISC23NL (deadline for submitting is today, July 1st).
  4. We post on a regular basis on our social accounts on Instagram (@isc23nl) and on LinkedIn: find us there and follow us. But also check the accounts once in a while, because of the algorithms, you might not see all new posts in your feed.
  5. Join our Slack-channel on the Sketchnote Army Slack Group. More information about how to join is on our website (see point 6 below).
  6. We update our website also on a regular basis. Please go to and click on “Event updates” in the Menu. All important updates are there! Check the website once in a while. There is also a FAQ page!
  7. If you can, add ‘’ to your list of ‘secured contacts’ in your email program. This is the email address we use for sending out our newsletters from MailChimp. Maybe it helps…
  8. If you have bought a ticket, but are unable to come after all: we do not give refunds. BUT we are sold out and a lot of people were disappointed that they couldn’t get a ticket. A lot of people still hope that they can get a ticket if someone else can’t come. We don’t work with a waitinglist, but we ask everyone to come to our Slack channel and let us know if you want to take over a ticket / want to sell your ticket. You can sell it to another person (we do not facilitate this). BUT make sure that the ORGINAL BUYER informs us that the ticket is sold to another person. Do this by sending us an email from the email address with which you bought the ticket on Eventbrite and in your email include the name (First en Last name) & email address of the new participant.

We’ve postponed the deadline for the Sketchnote Selfie with 1 week (So you have until the end of the day next Saturday July 8 to send it to us).

After that date, unfortunately you will not be included in the printed version of the Exclusive Sketchnote Selfie Book of ISC23NL! And you don’t want that to happen!

OK, I tried to keep this email ‘short and to the point’, so this is it for now! If you have any questions: feel free to contact us!

Have a nice weekend everyone and looking forward to see you all in Leiden in September!!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the ISC23NL-team,

Ferry Timp

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Kind regards,

Team ISC23NL