Jamsessions (Barcamp style)

A regular part of International Sketchnote Camp is to organize so-called Barcamp sessions. This year we renamed them into “Jamsessions”.


Below you can check which Jamessions will be hosted (and by who). This way, you can already see what sessions you would find interested to attend. There will be 2 rounds of 45 minutes for the Jamsessions.


During ISC, participants will be able to choose (only) 1 session each round to attend. And for each session, there are limited tickets available. More information about how to get your ticket for the Jamsessions will be given on Friday September 1st at the ISC!

Jamsessions during International Sketchnotecamp 2023

Round 1 – Saturday 2nd (10:00 – 10:45)

NLP for Visual Practitioners

By: Karl Mortier


“Step into the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and discover how you can elevate your skills as a graphic recorder to new heights!”

Only 20 tickets available!


Collaborative Sketching

By: Katrin Mäntele


“Let‘s have fun ande create something together. We start with some small collaborative sketching games to warm up and then each participant will start with one question on their own and by switching places everybody will „comment“ on each other drawings. At the end everyone has „sketched answers“ from everyone to their questions.”

Only 20 tickets available!

From illustration to animation

By: Arno van de Sande


“Of course, as a visualiser you want to see your drawings in an animation! But how do you do that without it costing you a lot of effort? What’s business wise in it for you? And is your work actually suitable for animation? You will learn it all in the jam session of Animation Studio LiM.”

Only 45 tickets available!

VCM meets VSM

By: Babette Huisman & Will Bongaerts


“Are you struggling to get people motivated or involved in your projects? Or would you like to see more ownership in a (change) process? In this session we will combine the tools of Visual Changemaking and Value Stream Mapping to create an effective approach to situations where change in processes is required or desired. We will use the efficiency and science of Value Stream Mapping to determine where we are and what could or should be changed. We will combine this with a visual toolkit and some change perspectives to increase the ownership that people feel towards the change process. During the session we will cover the need-to-knows of this approach, of course the visual aspect,  and we will practice with a real-life case.”

Only 20 tickets available!

Visual Games

By: Peter Schmitt


“Kids play games. Adults not. Or not so much as children. But playing is fun. And the fun helps us and our brains to learn. In the session we will play some visual games. So we will have fun together while we learn. And: we can use these games for our profession as visual consultants, visual facilitators and for our visual workshops.”

Only 20 tickets available!

Round 2 – Saturday 2nd (11:00 – 11:45)

Playfull Storytelling for Business

By: Heidrun Kuenzel & Maaike Borsboom (bikablo)


In an interactive workshop Maaike and Heidrun invite you to visualize customer situations and transformation stories. You will get first impressions how to transform abstract situations into vivid picture stories. With the help of the bikablo “emotions” figures and a few templates you will learn to portray simple situations and express emotions. In the end, you will visualize a visual transformation story (or coaching situation) in a practical exercise. You will get a nice figure buzzer for your phone.

Only 45 tickets available!


Urban Art Sketching

By: Iemke van Dijk (Urban Art Hub Leiden)


Sketchnoting is not about Art, Mike Rohde says. But what if you let Art inspire you to create beautiful sketchnotes?! This Jamsession is at an unique location: The Leiden Art Hub (just around the corner of PLNT)! The host of Leiden Art Hub will welcome you and invite you to create a nice drawing to be put in a frame on the bench of the Leiden Art Hub! This way, your work will be presented to all passengers and visitors of the Leiden Art Hub!

Only 20 tickets available!

How to sketch recipes?

By: Jule Klinger


Sketched recipes are confusing you? I’ll show you how I structure my recipes and what I learned while doing it a lot. In addition we will sketch a short recipe in the session. Maybe you can bring a favorite (easy) dish with you to work with?

Only 25 tickets available!

Making Meaning with Metaphors

By: Anna van der Aa


Making Meaning with Metaphors is an interactive workshop experimenting with visual representation of individual strengths, drawn out using personal metaphors and clean language. Come along to experience the power of metaphor to anchor thoughts and feelings, and to enrich conversations.

Only 20 tickets available!

Animation Loops

By: Wytze Veenstra


Learn to play with analogue loop animation. We will make phonotrope loops. Your sketches will come alive!

Only 10 tickets available!